Personal Statement

I see beauty and theological richness is everything around me—and yet more meaning still when I can photograph and share the beauty I so fondly appreciate. The Starved Rock is an album that I compiled when I went for my first hiking trip with my Catholic friends, in September 2016. I felt I was walking the same paths in Murree, a city in Pakistan, and I reserved these pictures for a special occasion like this to have them on display.

My approach is straightforward: I aim to simplify the complex so as to allow the true essence to stand out and be valued. In addition, I strive to bring out the beauty of everything that speaks to me—whether it be an object or a topic. This is to say that I take pictures with a certain approach to focus on the perspective and to let that perspective speak to the viewers. I choose a certain topic that I can talk about poetically and a certain image that has something to say. I love to speak in metaphors and use a figurative play on words. Poetry and photography help me convey my message.