About Me

Carmanie Bhatti is a recent graduate of Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary. She is the first Pakistani female graduate at the seminary, who graduated with a Master of Divinity in May 2017. Her focus of research was on the wisdom needed to practice one’s religion. Carmanie is passionate about art related projects and uses arts as a medium to spread the message of social justice. In addition to her compositional work, she is an online reviewer for photographers, artists, poets, and short story writers. During her time as a student at Garrett-Evangelical, Carmanie’s photography and paintings have been displayed in the main building of the seminary. Her theological poems have been included in brochures and adapted for liturgy for the weekly chapel service at Chapel of the Unnamed Faithful. Her photography and poetry have been regularly featured in the Zine, an annual publication sponsored by Garrett-Evangelical.

Carmanie describes herself as an Urdu romanticist poet and an English theological poet—a fitting description, as her poetry has been published in both Urdu and English. She began writing at the age of thirteen and has never once abandoned the idea of expressing her innermost emotions through poetry, lyric and verse.

Currently, she works at the Development Office at Garrett-Evangelical and is about to complete her Master of Theological Studies program at Garrett. She is a diehard fan of movies and is researching on the role and responsibility of international media on audiences’ theological and sociological formation. Her coursework also deals with the exploration of perspectives of social justice within the diaspora communities of Chicagoland with respect to the idea and practice of religion.