My Work

My Poetry

As a six-year old child, while preparing myself for my first Urdu test, I was highly inspired by Sufi Tabassum's poem "Hamd"  that led me asking myself "how do poets write poetry? how do they think all this and, how do you become a poet?" I did not know I was talking to a future poet :) What speaks to me until today is the verse by Iqbal: tu saheen hai pervaz hai kaam tera, tere agay asmaan aur bhi hain! 

My Paintings

Painting is all about directions! If you move the brush in the right direction, you are able to produce the world's most beautiful rose or the slopes of a mountain! If, by chance the paint spills randomly over the canvas, it still is able to produce an abstract piece of art. I use paintings as a medium to give shape to undiscussed questions and challenges. 

My Photography

I am passionate about capturing the beauty that lies in all things, the God created and the man- made :) 

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